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 About Me 

Welcome to my bead world. The most fun I have is when people come to my studio and end up "playing beads".
That is when the magic takes over.
Surrounded by beautiful multicoloured beads and silver on every surface the ideas start to flow.
I have lovingly made each bead which has taken some, patience, skill and a little bit of soul.
The beads are shiny little treasures eagerly worn by bead lovers across Canada and Germany.
My fascination for beads goes far back and I have a huge, wonderful collection to show for it.
I suspect a bead craze is on the verge of taking over the world.
When I am not obsessing about my beads and working in the garden, I share time with my wonderful husband.
I have had the privilege of studying with Kristina Logen, Jen Zitcov, Caitlin Hyde, Amy Johnson, and Loren Stump.
In the fall of 2004 I travelled to Germany but spent the weekend in Venice and Murano.
In Murano, we were given the "cooks tour" by Luigi Cattelan and Lucio Bubacco, quintessential glass artists.
I hope to return to study with Mr. Babucco.
Primarily, I work with Moretti glass and constantly, its malleabilty astounds me.
I feel I can manipulate and sculpt in glass in unique and various shapes.
I love both the challenge of capturing a dogs face in glass and creating a sleek, focal and elegant bead.
Welcome to my bead portfolio which I hope introduces you to a few of the many beads that I make.

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About Me